Montane Developed

We are proud of all the properties we create with every single detail carefully considered to create a home that is both stylish and comfortable. The properties are always located in highly sought after residential areas with good access to local amenities, schools, public transport and open spaces.

Each Montane development becomes a friendly community within its own right.

Our end goal is to provide comfort, security and improved quality of life for all those associated with our projects and the communities to which they belong.


You can be assured that a Montane home is built to the best possible standard.Products used on Montane projects are assessed for compliance with the EU Construction Product Regulations, our own performance requirements and against fit for purpose, before they arrive on site. Materials are further subjected to rigorous on-site testing including house-by-house testing for Sulphides in the fill material we use beneath our concrete ground floor slabs. Only once the product has passed through this system will a product be deemed suitable for use on a Montane development.


Energy Efficient

A Montane home is built to last a lifetime and an energy-efficient design can yield considerable savings over its lifetime.

Apart from reducing fuel and electricity bills, an energy-efficient home design can provide improved comfort for occupants while helping to protect the environment. It can also provide insurance against future increases in fuel costs.

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