Montane Developments Approach to Safety

Past experience has shown that, the timely transfer of information and pre-empting of potential problems can lead to a safe, well managed site and projects which are delivered on time and budget

Montane Developments recognise the importance training plays in achieving and maintaining high levels of safety performance. All site based employees hold current Safe Pass and CSCS accreditation. Our Site Management Team are regularly updated on legislative changes, industry best practice and safe working systems.

All sites have regular “Tool Box” talks and safety discussions with site staff, the findings of which are recorded in our site based health & safety plans. Our site based plans are updated to reflect changes on site as projects progress. All parties including the client and their representatives are kept up to date and aware of any potential health and safety issues or problems.

The company has an up to date safety statement, which identifies the hazards associated with our activities, we have one of the lowest accident rates within the industry with no current prosecutions or pending prosecutions from the Health and Safety Authority.

Montane Developments are fully committed to providing a safe, risk free working environment for employees, our company puts huge resources in the planning and execution of all aspects of health & safety, in particular operational site based health & safety

Montane Developments Philosophy

The conventional wisdom in the industry is that “whatever we do you will never stop accidents”, Montane Developments do not accept this view.

We feel it is imperative that all our employee and subcontractors share a common goal a belief – “Work Related Injuries and Ill Health is simply unacceptable”. All parties need to believe that it is possible to eliminate incidents and injuries. We feel it isn’t enough to set up sites and introduce rigorous processes to minimise risk, the key difference is in the behaviour of people when on site.

Our board of Directors are utterly committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, our subcontractors and the public is seen as an absolute priority.

When you walk onto one of our sites you will see from start to finish, a well-planned site, carefully laid out with clear signage, exceptional facilities, segregation of vehicles and people and clear, tidy walkways and work areas.

As well as creating safe places to work we have invested in the attitudes and behaviour of our staff, supervisors, project leaders and the many subcontractors who work at our sites. Everyone is inducted before they start work on site and we ensure that they fully engage with our beliefs and our processes.

Above all we ask everyone never to take a risk: because individuals who take risks, not only risk their own safety but also the safety of others. We define excellence as a project delivered to the highest quality, safely, on time, on budget and in an atmosphere of trust, respect, fairness and partnership. We take pride in our relationships as much as our work.

Statement and policy on safety, health & welfare at work
Environmental statement and policy
Equality of employment policy
Safe use of company vehicles policy
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